2005 Pontiac GTO

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New Pics and Videos added! 3/9/06

 I recently added a Borla Catback exhaust system and stock chrome rims. I also took some videos of the stock exhaust system and after the Borla install so the difference could be heard.

Videos of the Borla Cat back exhaust

(right click "save as")

Idling, driving and burnout video with stock exhaust 3.2MB

Video during exhaust swap, no muffler, no resonator, x pipe only... 2.3MB

Idling, driving and burnout video with Borla Catback 3.6MB

Pics of the Borla Cat back exhaust and the chrome rims with black tails

Update: 3-3-06 I love the way the Borla catback sounds, but I'm not yet a fan of the fart can sized 5" tips. Please be easy on me, its what Borla sells with the kit and I got a hell of a deal on it so I decided if the tips don't grow on me I can just swap them out later. I also added the GTO logo to help people figure out that the car isn't a G6 or a grand prix. Check it out!

Update: 3-3-06 I swapped out my stock aluminum finish rims for a set of stock chrome rims. I wasn't sure that I liked them at first, but I think they are growing on me. What do you think?

I picked the GTO up on November 11, 2005. I got it for a great price because the dealership was offering $4000 off at the time. A lot of people don't really know much about these cars. Basically, the car was built in Australia and imported to the United States. It is powered by GM's all aluminum 6.0L LS2 pushing 400HP and 400ft/lbs Torque. This car is a 6 speed with a really nice leather interior. I decided to go black on black while there are also Red and Blue interiors available depending on the color of the car.

Future mods include: Borla Cat back exhaust (will be delivered 2/22/06). Look for install pics of that coming soon!

Also sometime in the future, full length SLP headers, custom tune, intake system, new rims etc.

Here's some more pics from the day I took her home 11-11-05




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