1967 Chevy Impala

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I picked this car up in November of 2003. The car was originally restored and built with hydraulics, then the second owner had an air ride kit on it. I REALLY wanted to have hydraulics back, so I started my frame off to do reinforcements and removed the air ride. I drove 14hrs to Tallahassee Florida with my friend Paul and my brother to trade for it. Then, I DROVE IT HOME. It took us 24 hrs to get back, with some sleep in there, a minor fuel problem, an airbag problem (all the air leaked out), and a few hours stop in Indianapolis to fix the air compressor for the air ride. Overall, a fun trip and well worth the effort to have this car.

This is how it looked when I picked it up:

DSC01156.JPG (67584 bytes) DSC01157.JPG (68576 bytes) DSC01159.JPG (58680 bytes) DSC01160.JPG (64402 bytes)

The rims are some cheapies but got the job done. We still had tons of looks, stares, thumbs up and the occasional pointing on the trip from Florida. Actually, every gas station we stopped at had someone else talking about it. It was pretty  cool.  The car came with a set of knock off wire wheels and we ALMOST stopped and put them on for the ride home, but figured we'd stay practical! It looked much better once I got them on, and laid out lower too.

Interior Pics:

 DSC01163.JPG (63025 bytes) DSC01164.JPG (45952 bytes) DSC01165.JPG (44800 bytes) DSC01166.JPG (60540 bytes)

I was disappointed when I seen the interior in person.  I'm hoping it cleans up nice for this summer '05 and maybe I'll redo it next summer!


 Here's how it looked before I pulled the body off the frame for the hydro install. The car still has air bags in the pics.

Uppass.JPG (58898 bytes) uppass2.JPG (61988 bytes) passfar.JPG (68734 bytes) frontdown.JPG (59428 bytes) rearquarter.JPG (62298 bytes) reardown.JPG (53743 bytes)


The engine compartment before the frame off job. Part of my reason for the frame off is to clean up the engine bay.

engine3.JPG (83568 bytes) DSC01184.JPG (152717 bytes) engine2.JPG (63312 bytes)


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