1967 Chevy Impala

page 2 - Frame Off

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To start the frame off  I removed the fenders, any attached wires, gas tank lines, brake lines and radiator hoses. Then, unbolted the body mount bolts from underneath the frame. They actually came off surprisingly easy for as old as the car is. Luckily the car was from Alabama so there wasn't any salt related rust anywhere on the frame or body. Only minor surface rust on frame and underbelly.

DSC01375.JPG (59503 bytes)                        DSC01386.JPG (44675 bytes) <-----------------Last Pic I have of the car fully still on the frame


The body then easily comes apart from the frame using a regular engine hoist. The first pic is me posing when the body first came off the frame.  My cousin Shane is posing in the second pic as we raised the front up to put it on the 4x4 for support. Then we let the front down on the 4x4 and started hooking up the back. We raised the back with the hoist then started checking for clearance. You can see Paul in the 5th pic, after posting these pics up at  layitlow.com  I joked that Paul pissed himself lol. Really it was my fault when fluid shot out when hitting the brake pedal after we disconnected the brake lines! I was trying to stop the car from rolling down the driveway with the tranny in neutral. What was I thinking???  The last few pics show how close it really was. I had to let the air out of the rear tires just to clear the 4x4 and get the frame rolled out.

DSC01392.JPG (48121 bytes) DSC01393.JPG (40061 bytes) DSC01394.JPG (49559 bytes) DSC01397.JPG (43422 bytes) DSC01401.JPG (48460 bytes) DSC01402.JPG (62132 bytes) DSC01403.JPG (49532 bytes) DSC01405.JPG (50588 bytes)


After getting the frame rolled out, I was a proud owner of a frame off Impala. The question now, how long would it stay that way?? You can see me and my cousin clownin around in the car up on jack stands. (no alcohol was involved!) Actually it was the most fun I'd ever had working on a car. It went pretty fast too since I had some help from Paul and my cousin. I'm used to doing things by myself so the extra help was most useful.

DSC01406.JPG (39057 bytes) DSC01407.JPG (47521 bytes) DSC01410.JPG (37315 bytes) DSC01412.JPG (54195 bytes) DSC01428.JPG (64720 bytes)


Next I yanked out the engine and transmission to get ready for the frame work. As you can see, the engine was nasty! The transmission was terribly grimy as well. The great thing was that the engine/transmission came out in less then an hour! Its much faster and easier when you can get to all the bolts and wires!

DSC01433.JPG (89356 bytes) DSC01440.JPG (74541 bytes) DSC01441.JPG (69535 bytes) DSC01442.JPG (66898 bytes) DSC01444.JPG (56460 bytes)




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