1967 Chevy Impala

page 5 - Frame Re-Assembly

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Putting the pieces back together

Putting the frame back together with nice clean parts is a really nice feeling.  No dirty, rusty, greasy nuts/bolts to deal with.


In the Rear

Here's the rear end after I finished it up.            My cousin sliding the rear end into place               With new bushings installed, these will be bolted up

DSC01934.JPG (68649 bytes)                                     DSC01936.JPG (69032 bytes)                                        DSC01686.JPG (55651 bytes) DSC01689.JPG (65464 bytes)


The rear will be lifted using Pro hopper 14"             The rear springs will be a single 2 Ton                Finally assembled, the rear of the frame lays pretty low.

    competition cylinders w/ coil over kit.                     spring cut in half for a low drop.                        It will drop more once the body is on with batteries and pumps

            DSC01199.JPG (69276 bytes)                                                    DSC01677.JPG (56738 bytes)                                        qDSC01938.JPG (56608 bytes)


For the Front

The front will be assembled using the following parts:

      The lower control arms that I built.             The upper control arms.         4 1/2 Ton Hopping Springs         8" chrome Pro hopper cylinders

 DSC01690.JPG (64209 bytes)    DSC01691.JPG (54125 bytes)                   DSC01688.JPG (62808 bytes)                   DSC01650.JPG (67013 bytes)                       


        Here's the front completed:                                 You can see the positive camber angle from the extended arms.

DSC01940.JPG (66038 bytes)    DSC01942.JPG (61169 bytes)    DSC01943.JPG (74449 bytes)                  DSC01949.JPG (69876 bytes)    DSC01950.JPG (62338 bytes)


Finally a rolling chassis

Here's some pics of the frame finally rolling and out in the sunlight. Enjoy.

DSC01955.JPG (81182 bytes)    DSC01956.JPG (143684 bytes)    DSC01954.JPG (66758 bytes)    DSC01953.JPG (73285 bytes)    DSC01957.JPG (149657 bytes)    DSC01952.JPG (48496 bytes)    



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