1967 Chevy Impala

page 7 - Body Back on Frame

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Getting the body prepped for paint

This is a dirty job but someone's got to do it


Cleaning 40 years of crud from under the body is a very dirty job. Especially without the use of a nice rotisserie body dolly. Since my dolly doesn't rotate, I pretty much got all the crud in my face as I took it off with my grinder with wire wheel attachment and then the sand blaster. Here's what it looked like under there before I began.

DSC02082.JPG (57133 bytes)  DSC02083.JPG (146088 bytes)  DSC02085.JPG (70271 bytes)  DSC02088.JPG (64963 bytes) 



I used a normal 7" grinder with a couple different wire wheel attachments to clean up the underbody. The first pic shows under the rear axle area after wire brushing but before sandblasting. Of course if I was building a show car, I would have sandblasted the entire underbody. However, this is just a clean STREET cruiser so I didn't think the extra work was needed.

DSC02422.JPG (62520 bytes)  DSC02440.JPG (62360 bytes)  DSC02441.JPG (62212 bytes)  DSC02444.JPG (61581 bytes)



Self etching primer was sprayed over the bare metal, just like on the frame.

DSC02577.JPG (63860 bytes) DSC02575.JPG (60548 bytes) DSC02573.JPG (61635 bytes) DSC02574.JPG (60198 bytes)


Finally the body was paint matched to the frame and the rest of the body.

DSC02584.JPG (61778 bytes) DSC02587.JPG (61558 bytes) DSC02590.JPG (61425 bytes) DSC02591.JPG (61385 bytes)

Body Re-assembly

Finally the body was ready to be put back on the frame nearly a year later. First step was to get the body off of the dolly that I made for it.

DSC02595.JPG (63033 bytes)  DSC02600.JPG (62027 bytes)  DSC02601.JPG (61275 bytes) DSC02602.JPG (61540 bytes) DSC02603.JPG (62491 bytes)

We put the body of the car up in the air to roll the chassis underneath. You can see the new body mounts on the frame in first couple of pics. We didn't have the body up high enough and as you can see in the pics, the rear cylinders would not clear.

DSC02596.JPG (61866 bytes) DSC02597.JPG (63045 bytes) DSC02598.JPG (62026 bytes) DSC02604.JPG (61880 bytes) DSC02605.JPG (62532 bytes)

So, we had to do some dangerous jacking on the 4x4s to get the body high enough. Once up, the cylinders barely cleared and we were able to get the frame under the body.

DSC02606.JPG (72517 bytes) DSC02608.JPG (61297 bytes) DSC02611.JPG (61945 bytes) DSC02609.JPG (63017 bytes) DSC02612.JPG (62832 bytes) DSC02613.JPG (62793 bytes)

Once the frame was under the body, we lowered it down on the frame. It was a close, tight fit and we had to really tweak the body around a lot to get it slide onto the frame.

DSC02614.JPG (62118 bytes) DSC02615.JPG (62111 bytes) DSC02617.JPG (63423 bytes) DSC02618.JPG (62279 bytes)   DSC02621.JPG (64426 bytes)  DSC02620.JPG (61206 bytes)  DSC02619.JPG (68092 bytes)

Here it is, finally back on the frame. The last pic was in the dark, but I wanted to see my chrome blower housing on the body.

DSC02622.JPG (61803 bytes) DSC02624.JPG (62114 bytes) DSC02632.JPG (62633 bytes)



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