1967 Chevy Impala

page 8 - The Big Move

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We purchased our new house on March 29, 2005. The Big Move happened that weekend. The old house in the subdivision just didn't have the garage space I needed to do all the projects I do. Not to mention parking 4 cars or more at a time gets tricky on narrow streets. I used to keep the neighbors on their toes with welders and grinders going at 12AM haha. 

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The new shop has plenty of room inside and no close neighbors to annoy outside. Check it out!

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I  had just finished putting the body back on the frame in preparation for the move so it definitely needed to be towed. I should've rented a trailer but the dolly was cheaper so I took the risk.

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It was a close call, the frame nearly dragged on the street on the way out to the country to the new house.

DSC02654.JPG (67462 bytes)  DSC02655.JPG (59226 bytes)


 The car made it without issue, here's a shot in the new home. I didn't get much done until about June. Go to the next page as I continue to put the car back together.

DSC02659.JPG (66616 bytes)



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