1992 Buick Regal

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We picked up the car back in '98. It was a really nice car for us back then. I did the rims and the mirrored tint. I also added a Kenwood motorized flipdown face CD player, RF 800watt amplifier, a pair of 15" Soundstream SPLs, new front and rear speakers and an alarm with remote start, keyless entry.

Now it has the stock radio, no subs, stock speakers, no alarm, and had to peel the tint (damn cops) after having it on there for 5 freakin years with no problems. The tint was only 20% so it wasn't dark whatsoever looking out, the cops just didn't like that they couldn't see inside. The only thing it does have now are the rims which aren't really anything to brag about.


Exterior Pics

DSC01579.JPG (52124 bytes) DSC01580.JPG (66483 bytes) DSC01581.JPG (58850 bytes) DSC01582.JPG (59626 bytes) DSC01584.JPG (56844 bytes)  DSC01585.JPG (62900 bytes)

Interior Pics

DSC01591.JPG (61181 bytes) DSC01592.JPG (58970 bytes) DSC01593.JPG (61059 bytes)


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