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Hydraulics and Air Bags

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My 67 Chevy Impala AFTER  FRAME OFF for Hydraulics

Some hopping videos, The best one is the first one the other 2 are kind of weak

Rolling Hop and a good standing hop 3.97MB

Short Hop in the Driveway 5.80MB

Not so good hop - OURLIFE'S Oct 1 2005 Hurricane Katrina Benefit Show 8.87MB

Standing 3 wheel in the driveway

3 Wheel Driver Side 2.81MB

3 Wheel Passenger Side 2.84MB

 Firing up the 327 for the 2nd time

327 starting up 4.33MB

My 67 Chevy Impala with Air Ride (Before I did FRAME OFF for Hydraulics)

With Old Air Ride 1.34MB

Driving around the block 4.52MB

My 84 Olds Delta 88 with hydraulics before I sold it

Olds Delta 88 lil Hopping (no sound) 1MB

Olds Delta 88 Rolling 3 Wheel (no sound) 351KB

Olds Delta 88 Standing 3 Wheel (no sound) 570KB

My 95 Cadillac Deville on Air Ride before I sold it

Just up and down with Air Ride 883KB

Dragging with 1 Titanium Plate 894KB

Paul's 83 Lincoln Town Car with Hydraulics

Paul Hopping in the streets 108KB

Paul 3 wheeling 2.63MB

Paul 3 wheeling part2 2.99MB

Paul on the streets 375KB

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Other Hydraulic Car Videos


Will add more, I promise! Last update 1/24/06



Other Air Ride Car Videos


Will add more, I promise! Last update 1/24/06



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